Dan’s Tweets for 2012-08-01

  • Is your DSWL too soon? http://t.co/yG4KQCyT #
  • Sounds like a gov't fishing expedition to me. | Hacktivism: Anonymous Breaches ISP To Protests Data Retention http://t.co/QXv2F9ya #
  • Some simple solutions (mostly) for you Apple folks. | Inspiration for tech-related DIY ideas. http://t.co/e4AvCMFD #
  • But he's relative, really. http://t.co/Y0axLAJ3 #
  • RT @OMGFactsSex: 50% of American men wear briefs, 40% wear boxers and 10% wear boxer briefs | I AM the 10%. I know you were wondering. #
  • A little something for those of us on Android. | 10 Apps That Will Turn Your Android into the Ultimate Business Machine http://t.co/gIS7mM5e #
  • The state of the music industry – The Oatmeal http://t.co/Tw6HZV3V #
  • Yes. | Would You Do It All Over Again? http://t.co/BR8v6XEq #
  • Anyone remember the movie Sliver? Me either. #
  • So, go share some happiness.

    Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the… http://t.co/OxYOnASe #

  • Tune out. We'll be here when you get back. Please post kick ass pictures, though of Mickey. | Vacation, Unplugged http://t.co/yrM0qXWo #
  • For the ladies. | Adventures In Customer Support: E-commerce Gets Some New Breast Friends http://t.co/800vgV1T #
  • Here are the rankings pre-season. Thoughts? | NFL Pro 32 Power Rankings http://t.co/3cWzhqAC #
  • West of 34th you are lucky to reach 30 in a 40-45 zone. East of 34th you are passed continually doing 35. Why? #
  • Let's hope penalties are levied. | Police discover video of kittens being tossed http://t.co/HDYaDgBo #
  • Update or be left behind. | The 9 most endangered species in IT http://t.co/lsC8Fd8L #
  • The importance of comfortable shoes cannot be overstated. #
  • The super-rich have problems too. | Heir To Billions Pleads Guilty To Keeping Dead Wife's Body At Home http://t.co/EfP0vJUZ #