Dan’s Tweets for 2012-08-02

  • I guess it's time to hire an assistant. | 8 Ways Your Assistant Can Make You More Effective http://t.co/4vLCA06g #
  • Simple 'duh' things. | Get To Know Your Neighbors To Save Money http://t.co/v2L6Kfwh #
  • Nearly 15% of respondents said they'd rather give up sex than go for even a weekend without their iPhone. #
  • This is a farce created by Congress. USPS is still viable. | Postal Service faces default on Wednesday http://t.co/JYCqTH4B #
  • For your Olympic viewing pleasure. | After 12: Citius, Altius, 40us! http://t.co/7Ml9ycKO #
  • Surfing the Internet is boring when you could be driving home. aaaarrrghhh #
  • If the universe keeps expanding, how will it find pants that fit? #
  • Queuing up for fast food seems silly, but so is spending the day in an office. #