Dan’s Tweets for 2012-09-20

  • It's sad when people spend $20,000 to 50,000+ to win city council and mayoral positions in a small town. Almost… http://t.co/D1tAktxG #
  • If the prices are this high, Asus must be high. | Asus Windows 8 tablet pricing comes in high; Demand likely low http://t.co/jB54lyz1 #
  • Who really needs this? | Hotels for the Dead: Mausoleums Reveal Spectral Light and Kitsch Decor http://t.co/Q2QIgttC #
  • Strong chance prices will be faling. | Russian asteroid crater revealed filled with over $1 quadrillion of diamonds http://t.co/XXbtg6qz #
  • http://t.co/k0D4awAO #
  • Every Damn Day – Imgur http://t.co/LTt0ibUQ #
  • Go forth and drink. | Drinking tea may help prevent chronic illnesses http://t.co/Bk3chXjl #
  • RT @TetheredHeather: @rockindee13 watching Major Crimes and I recognize Julio as Tuco!!! cc: @FoFemily #
  • Breaking Amish on TLC. #
  • I was happy with iTunes, but Stitcher stole the show. #
  • Spurred on by Mike, you should go read and understand we are NOT a democracy. http://t.co/0LaZ5WmW #
  • Here's McLovin, a 25 year-old Hawaiian organ donor. #
  • Giving Revolution a shot. So far they have used two locations from TWD in the pilot. #
  • Perhaps some good news on the front lines. | Progress Made On Drug For Autism Symptoms http://t.co/bF5B54x7 #
  • Well, I was waiting for the jailbreak, and it didn't take long. | Jailbreak iOS 6 iPhone And iPod (A4-Based Only) http://t.co/WIiuPHgQ #
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