Dan’s Tweets for 2012-09-24

  • So happy that @louisck won an Emmy. Gives hope to us fat white guys, even though he's Messican. #
  • Creating variables using visual programming is not easy. It's not too hard, but it's still not easy. #
  • Well, it's Monday. #
  • 14%? Yes, I'll take that. Better than the 401k return has been in the past few years.

    I feel like a stockbroker… http://t.co/RBxfEbMM #

  • People mock office ergonomics, but I raised my monitor to be proper at eye-level this morning and my neck feels much better already. #
  • Attend an afternoon meeting. Tell your boss you have to be sure and avoid new taxes. | City Council special session http://t.co/TGF2bNP1 #
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