Dan’s Tweets for 2012-09-28

  • 'Sons of Anarchy' actor dead in Hollywood murder mystery http://t.co/tGJ7cVsM #
  • Come get your tickets. See Z-land come back around to the theater and get discounted admission to the House of… http://t.co/rpez1G88 #
  • For my engineering friends, this might be of interest. | Non-Linux FOSS: AutoCAD Alternatives http://t.co/r8HVCXwF #
  • THIS is why you never buy first-gen or upgrade immediately. | iOS 6 users continue to grapple with Wi-Fi problems http://t.co/7XpZe6Rx #
  • RT @OMGFactsSex: The rules men need to follow in the bedroom -sp http://t.co/AaGIaJbY ___Really? #
  • This is funny in a Saturday Night Live sort of way. The sad part is those with D bias will nod their heads, and… http://t.co/pkAG2xus #
  • Maybe 8 will be legit after all. | BlueStacks and AMD Bring 500,000 Android Apps to Windows 8 http://t.co/IbvBoqo5 #
  • Listening to Steel Panther – Weenie Ride http://t.co/n2kneGxs #
  • Listening to Wang Chung – Space Junk http://t.co/nQfB2y5U #
  • Listening to Steel Panther – Gold-Digging Whore http://t.co/vWv0iGzU #
  • Listening to Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons http://t.co/SwE8NBBN #
  • Listening to U2 – Pride http://t.co/RwtKwx0U #
  • Kinda pissed that my Twitter was hacked. Sorry if anyone that follows me got spammed.

    I'd go change your passwords, folks. #

  • A watched inbox never receives mail. #
  • Account is being used by someone or thing else. Not receiving reset email. HELP. @twitter #
  • To see or not to see… | Review: Looper's Time-Traveling Hitmen Kill Boredom Dead http://t.co/ehsILfIG #
  • Coming soon to a distribution center near you! | Warehouse Bots Do Battle to Make Same-Day Delivery a Reality http://t.co/WYwfqNVM #
  • And who gets the reference? http://t.co/67ynlsCT #
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