Dan’s Tweets for 2012-09-29

  • Information is becoming more free. Go get your learn on. | Increase Your Brain Power with These 6 Websites http://t.co/QeLSN5l7 #
  • God help you if your @Twitter gets hacked. I know it's a free service, but SOME kind of assistance would be nice. #fail #
  • Blatantly biased site, horrible representative. | Texas Rep. Debbie Riddle To American Student: Go Back To Afghanistan http://t.co/iNANNYyj #
  • Your DSWL is creative and tasty. | GRILLENIUM FALCON – Imgur http://t.co/olNaglNu #
  • Oh look, real representatives trying to do what is right. Then they get shut down by the King of Jefferson County. http://t.co/SDeCdeLz #
  • Does anyone actually donate to their alumni association after paying tens of thousands of dollars for a degree? If so, WHY? #
  • Where's Carl? Find out in 16 days. #
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