Tweets from 2013-09-30

  • It's like 'The Mist' out here. 07:18:54
  • I'm giddy with excitement over the government shutdown. I've got popcorn at home and plan to count down like it's… 09:01:36
  • I feel like I'm at the roulette wheel. I can't wait for the shutdown and then to let it all ride on the default…. 16:54:43
  • RT @UberFacts: The elements glycoprotein and selenium are both found in human semen and can help reduce breast cancer in women by almost 50… 20:40:29
  • RT @OMGFactsSex: 40% of women have experienced exercise-induced orgasms on more than 11 different occasions. 20:42:44
  • RT @OMGFactsSex: Only about 1 percent of women can achieve orgasm from breast stimulation alone. 20:48:27
  • 21:01:18
  • RT @UberFacts: With a homeless population of 3.5 million people and 18.6 million vacant houses – Every homeless person in America can own 6… 21:38:34
  • Now if we keep the shutdown going for long enough we might spend a little less.

    Come on default! 23:58:56