Tweets from 2013-10-02

  • I keep expecting 'Welcome to Silent Hill' to appear out of the fog. 07:15:43
  • A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer is to computing what a McDonald's Certified Food Specialist is to fine cuisine. 08:11:49
  • In case I didn't invite someone… 08:20:13
  • RT @optimusgene: The government is still shut down but we're going strong! Only 5 days left to enter the Fall / Winter Movie Game! http://t… 09:35:13
  • RT @UberFacts: Today is National Name Your Car Day! 12:09:21
  • RT @UberFacts: 52% of women claim they would rather be skinny than have sex. 12:10:05
  • .@shwood I just caught your SZ evaluation of BrBa. I agree. It was good (enough), but I expected something fast and amazing. #SlowStory 12:13:29
  • Lean Cuisine 'braised beef in chili sauce with sweet potatoes' tastes as bad as it sounds. 12:40:28
  • Is the Play store down for anyone else? I'm getting kinda ticked. I can't buy/install anything. 16:49:33
  • RT @UberFacts: A french study states that women are better off without bras – Bras do not decrease back pain and can increase sagging. 20:51:27
  • You're going to record us? We will now be model citizens. 21:42:39
  • RT @OMGFactsSex: 44% of women prefer reading about sex versus actually HAVING sex. 22:20:08
  • Are Apple Bottoms Jeans still a thing?

    My contribution to wayback Wednesday. 22:27:46