Tweets from 2013-12-06

  • Shouldn't it be Saturday already? 07:14:05
  • @mandystlpd It's okay, I have 4-wheel drive. I can drive as fast as I want. #DoesntHelpStopping in reply to mandystlpd 08:31:38
  • Route 50 wasn't bad, but Old 50 can apparently suck it according to county/state trucks. 08:32:34
  • Lots and roads are starting to get covered over here. 14:42:25
  • Apparently I will receive an 'A' in Logic. Two more to go… 15:42:19
  • I have two words for you – womens' slacks. 21:36:53
  • I bet money it takes two weeks for @BigKevsView to get it and a year before it doesn't look awful. 21:57:10
  • I think we all practice epicaricacy from time to time. 22:03:58