Of Snow and Idiots

Yes, I’m well aware that many people believe they can drive well during inclement weather and all the other people can’t or are idiots. I’m also well aware that many people now operate four-wheel drive and/or all-wheel drive vehicles. Still, please bear with me as I rant a little.

Four-wheel drive is not a miracle cure for driving on snow. Yes you will likely have better traction and are more likely to keep moving, but it doesn’t help you stop. I repeat – four-wheel drive does not help you stop. When you’re cruising along at 50mph or so and pass me, your tires are just as likely to slip as mine in compacted snow and ice.

Which brings me to my second point – compacted, partially-thawed, re-frozen snow is now ice. When you are driving your big wheel that you bought because all the other soccer moms or doctors were buying one on ice you have (virtually) no better driving ability than me. Yes you stand a better chance of traction if one of the four wheels is not on ice, but otherwise we’re on the same ground.

All of this being said I would like to remind all of you that go sliding into intersections (cars included) that you’re dipshits and need to slow the hell down. If you’re heading to a real job they’ll understand. If you’re heading to a McJob – why hurry? Is the ensuing accident, expenses, and being late anyway worth the risk? Probably not. People can wait a minute or two for fries or to check out at the grocery and you should have left earlier.

I say all of this after a day of watching ABS kick in on most vehicles coming to a stop at traffic signals and stop signs. Most of the time I was already slowed down (from 30 or so) to watch them slide into the intersection because I knew they were going too fast. The Excursion that almost plowed me last night took 3 car lengths to stop and then tried to pass me as I turned into Schnucks. He/she was/is a twat.