Don’t you stomp my flag, or the latest in midwest idiocy

First – I love the idea of this country. Also, I have respect for those in, from, and around the armed forces. They’re way braver than me just to sign up, never mind what some have had to go through or do in their service times. I am not a fan of pissing on the flag. By that I mean it has been a symbol of this country through good and bad and I view it as a symbol of the good and ideals that this country used to aspire to become.

With all of that being said, Fox News blew up with some guy and some idiots advocating stomping on the flag for whatever reason. Well, they seem to be twats but whatever. Now Fox drew in a guy who got the Medal of Honor and there was planted the seed of blah blah blah challenge. Okay, it was cute when it was ice water and raising money for disease research but these days people call anything they want support for a challenge. Get over it.

Some idiots want to trash the flag. I believe them to be jerks, but so be it. Pretending that you posting a picture of a flag is some anti-protest or whatever is only keeping their attention going. Do something productive and get our troopers home instead of playing world police. THAT would actually be something to issue a challenge about.

Back when it was chairs in yards because some old fart actor told you to do it. Now it’s pictures of flags. How about you do something useful instead of voting the same crap into office and fighting over things that don’t affect your day to day life. Focus on your money leaving at a rate of 50% while you argue if sex education should be taught in schools or if birth control should be available to people. While you argue over details the rich keep stealing your money and then making you pay for keeping the system going and they walk away richer.

Wake up.