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Monday Show

Kevin, Murph, and I discuss all kinds of things. The KCBS, Eddie Van Halen is a jerk, some guy beats a toddler to death, and so much more. Go have a listen, but not around kids or if you are sensitive to vulgar language.

We keep trying to have a perfectly clean show, but it doesn’t seem to happen.

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Monday Podcast 6/9/2008

Kevin and I get back to it with a “Return of the Show” Show this afternoon. Florida, text messaging spam, CafePress thongs, and so much more.

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Feeling better and filling-in

I’m finally feeling better from whatever sinus/allergy crap was kicking my butt. It’s not completely gone, but my lungs do not feel like they are full of Jell-o any longer, and I can breathe somewhat.

Thanks to all of you who emailed and offered well-wishes. It made me feel good to get support from you guys.

Kevin has asked me to fill-in for him since he is gone to Florida this week. I need to make the Monday (missed), Wednesday, and Friday Podcasts happen. Obviously I missed Monday, but recovering and getting things together for my first day of class this summer didn’t leave much time. I thoroughly apologize to anyone and everyone whom I have let down in this aggregious situation.

I promise I will do my best to get Wednesday and Friday out the door with no excuses!

5/23 Friday Podcast

This one is toned down quite a bit. We discuss food quite a bit for some reason in this episode. There’s also ‘ducks down a drain’, tigers in the mall, and so much more.

For those of you getting episodes from here, don’t forget to head over to and get Big Kev’s Monday and Wednesday episodes.

Even though we are more toned-down somehow, I’m still going to say this isn’t for kids.

It’s time for some shameless plugs, boys and girls!

Yes, this post is purely for advertisement of whatever I want. I pay the bills, I can do that.

First off, the Mount Vernon Jaycees meet every Wednesday evening at the Old Train Depot. For those of you not aware, it is located at 2nd Street and Broadway on the East side of Mount Vernon, Illinois. We start things up at 7:30PM, and are generally done with the official meeting by 8:30.

This past Sunday (5/18) the Mount Vernon Jaycees held a training session for the entire South Region of the Illinois Jaycees. Illinois’ President Tanya Lee was here helping with the training. While she was here she presented VP Kevin Fradelos with the “Outstanding Fundraising Project” award for the first trimester of 2008. This was a result of the fundraising event held to assist two local families. At this event as well, she named Mr. Fradelos as South Region Director.

Next up, I would like to mention the podcasts I have been putting up for your enjoyment. Kevin, Emily, and I get together most Fridays and record ourselves chatting about various topics. I know the content is over-the-top occasionally, but we keep it pretty toned down except for a few obscenities from time to time (Mom, this means you won’t want to listen).

The first 3 podcasts have gone over quite well with over 50 plays/listens each. Unfortunately, the last two I haven’t been able to track as my stats program spazzed out on me. Please go, listen, and let us know what you think. Make sure you go listen to Kevin at his site, as well. He puts on two more shows during the week Monday and Wednesday. They are generally interesting, even if he’s not always right.

Finally, I would like to mention Blubrry is one of the places this podcast is listed, and offers many services/advice for free. Recently, I had some questions regarding Kevin’s RSS feed, and the stats from my site that Blubrry tracks. Within 24 hours (on a Sunday) I received an email from the CIO of RawVoice (they own Blubrry) with an explanation and suggestions for how to fix my issue. THAT ladies and gentlemen is service. I am shocked at the time, politeness, and from whom I got a reply. All of this from a FREE product for an unknown such as myself. Please go have a look around over there if you haven’t yet.

Thanks for reading all my plugs, and keep reading – there’s more to come I’m sure.

PS – We’re now on iTunes.