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Sick in nice weather – Part eleventy5

It seems to never fail. When the weather changes, usually for the good, the kids and I get sick. Naturally, that will fall to Emily as well since she is around us all the time. It can’t happen when there is snow on the ground, nor when it’s raining like it was for the past week. During those times, we could at least comatose on cold drugs and just sleep through it.

No, this has to happen when the kids should be at school and the weather is gorgeous outside. I should be out there mowing down my yard, but I’m posting this and enduring calls for more juice and ‘Daddy, my head hurtsssss…’

It’s a bunch of crap. Stupid illnesses always getting in the way of fun and outdoor activity. At least we did get to enjoy the zoo Monday before this plague kicked-in. I know I already posted about it, but it was fun to get out of town and spend some time together.

Well, enough whining about bad-illness-timing. I’m off to fetch more juice and take some antibiotics. I’m a wild man, sir. I’ll try to keep the noise down.

The Saint Louis Zoo 2009

Well, today we went to the zoo. It was Amaya’s end of the year field trip. We took Erich and went over to see all the animals on display.

As usual, there were what you normally expect to see at a zoo, but this year, they added a stingray pool. You can walk up to the pool, pet a stingray, and for a dollar more even feed one. Since I had no desire to pet them Emily and the kids went through and did the bit. It would seem the consensus is that they feel like wet portobello mushrooms. I don’t like mushrooms, so it’s probably better I didn’t go. 🙂

Then we went through the penguin habitat. I was very excited to see the penguins since they are the mascot for my operating system. (Geeks, what do you do with them?) I have to say the outside area where the puffins are located is horrible smelling. That’s what you get in an enclosed bird habitat I suppose. Inside was a little better. There was a pool that the emperor penguins seemed to love swimming in and showing off for the crowd.

My wife had to be the troublemaker. She reached out and touched a penguin. Granted, there weren’t any signs to the contrary, but common sense should tell you to not play with or touch the wild animals. Apparently Emily was absent that day. She was lightly scolded by the elderly volunteer worker and we went about the rest of our trip.

Erich and Amaya had a blast seeing all of the animals up close and live instead of on television, and that’s really all the trip was about. Now if I could just keep their mother under control, everything would be great.

Pictures to come in the Flickr photostream.

Lately, things are off

I’m sure it’s just me, actually, I know it’s just me. I’ve just graduated after a long two years, my job hasn’t paid me, and now I’m searching for new employment.

While I have been looking for more gainful employ for some time, it kind of takes on a new importance when you don’t have anything currently. I’m pretty sad about that since I did like my job, but if the state doesn’t pay them, they can’t pay me. Silly bill collectors demand a little more than ‘The state is two years behind in paying my company, so they can’t pay me.’ Oh well, trying times make you stronger.

I am sad that I won’t see the guys and gals that went through the program with me. We all keep in touch via social networks and some calls, but it’s not the same as seeing them a couple of times each week. I have to say they are all pretty cool people, and were great to work with in class.

Well, times change. Guess I’m changing with them. Still, everything at once kind of robs me of any stability. That is something I miss as well – a predictable routine.

RLC Interview

Well, I just went through my interview at RLC. It was a panel-style interview, which I’m starting to get used to anymore. Seems like most places are moving to that type of process.

I had a good time chatting with everyone and answering the questions. The range of questions was pretty broad. There were even some that broke new ground in the form of questions I’m used to hearing. Nothing wild, but some new ones to be sure.

Unfortunately I don’t think that I did as well as some other interviews I’ve had recently. My answers don’t sound that great now that I go back and re-think them in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recall any major gaffes, save one: I said money was important to me.

Yeah, I did.

At the time I said it, it made sense – my current company is shaky thanks to the state and may not be able to pay me. Naturally I am worried about money, and it is important. Still, what kind of idiot says that in an interview?

Apparently I do. Ever wanna bang your head on a desk? I’m there right now. Oh well, perhaps they can see past that faux pas and realize I’m qualified and want to work. I want to work locally. I want to live and be happy.

Wish me luck, they had a lot of applicants and I’m just a one in whatever shot.

I assure you… Boredom at work

Katie told me to change the sign at work. Now, for those of you who are not aware, I’m working at the gas station/convenience store between my IT job, full time school, and sleeping. The money isn’t great, but I really appreciate the position as the extra income helps out.

About a week ago, Katie (my manager) told me to change the sign at work. I have been trying to come up with something clever and/or unique to put up and entertain/draw in customers. Before the holidays, I had told Katie she had to see Clerks and Clerks II as she said she had not after I made some references that should be plain to anyone who has seen the films.

Katie works at the video store up the street part-time as well, so she rented them. Then, she took them back. She said she couldn’t handle the black and white. I informed her that she had to watch them, and the content is well worth it. She declined.

Once you add together me being put in charge of changing the sign, and Katie refusing to give Clerks the respect it deserves, the result is this:

Clerks reference II

Hope someone finds it as entertaining as I do before it gets taken down. There are a couple of other shots in my Flickr stream, but it’s the same view.