Today Em and I took the kids to the beach. We had fun for about an hour and then the kids decided they were ready to go.

For the time we were there the kids and I had a blast tossing a little water football back and forth. For awhile splashing dad was fun. Once I splashed back, the kids decided we should play catch some more. Mom spent most of the time tanning on the sand. She did get a bit darker (but not much).

For my part I had fun splashing with the kids and wound up a little burnt on my shoulders and back. Hopefully by the end of summer I’ll get rid of this wonderful “office” tan. You know, that one that gathers on your forearms and face, but nowhere else? Yeah, that type.

I think this could become a Sunday afternoon tradition.

It’s that time again

Yes, it’s Wednesday and there is another Jaycees meeting this evening. I now have everything setup on my laptop to keep the meeting minutes digitally instead of using a pen and paper. Not that there aren’t pros and cons to both, I just prefer digital.

In my opinion, the digital is better due to clean type, easily saved, easily transferred, and it can still be printed if necessary. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. Maybe no one really cares.

I’ve sent out 3 press releases since becoming secretary last week. I think that’s more than have been released in years, possibly ever. Some wonder why events are better attended, but how can people attend if they don’t know? Generally the local newspapers are extremely good about covering the positive events that the Jaycees sponsor, but the Jaycees don’t always let them know about the events. I plan on changing that with my new position. Everything that I can support, I will. Everything I can do to help, I will.

Time to print some flyers.

Stupid Telcos and their stupid pricing

Techdirt: The Fake Broadband Price War

I love how the telcos had all these tax breaks and monopolies allowed so that they could run fiber to our homes and provide us with superbly fast data connections, and then didn’t.

You would think there’d be a giant uproar for these millions in breaks and no results. Unfortunately, no.   

Wal-Mart is scary

Wal-Mart keeps track of your credit/debit card number. I’m sure many people would be very much saying “Duh!” at this “revelation”. Normally I would too, but I had an experience that scares me:

I bought a pair of pants at WM. I’m too fat for them so I took them back the next day. My normal expectation is that they return them, I sign my name, and then slide my card to capture it’s information and have the money refunded to my account. Unfortunately, WM still had my information, and had it attached to that transaction. The girl just had to punch a button to refund the money to my debit/credit card.

This could be bad on SO many levels. How easily could fraud be done using this system? All one has to do is have a friend behind the service desk and bring back a receipt to have the friend refund money to my account. Better yet, just give the receipt to the friend and have them refund the money since the card isn’t necessary.

Less than a year ago, I believe, the big, evil blue charged a multitude of their customers twice on their debit/credit cards due to an “accounting error”. Frankly, I’d rather they not keep my information so readily available given that history.

I still despise the company that can single-handedly shut down the United States on a whim, but this is just another tick against them from my brain.

EDIT: Even though they had my number SAVED in their system, it actually took WM two full days to get this money posted back to my account. Surprising it takes them so long to return it, but it is withdrawn from my account before I get home from the store.

Press Releases

Friday I sent out a couple of press releases for the Jaycees. They were for the training Bill and Jaffo are putting on over three weeks and the Rick Raney Moonlight Golf Scramble.

The public speaking “training” is really happening, but it’s mostly to promote our general meetings and try to get some new members. The Moonlight Golf Scramble is in memory of a Jaycee who was tragically killed. The proceeds benefit the Jaycees, of course, but also help to pay the scholarship given in Rick’s name every year to a Mount Vernon HS graduate.

Last night Emily and I went to dinner with Jami at the Silver Streak. The women had fun clucking, and afterward I went to play poker for awhile. I didn’t get put out as early as normal. Actually, I would’ve been in for a while longer but Emily was bored after Jami left.

Jami does sound comitted to helping at the haunted house with my room. It’ll be nice to have someone actually show up and help create the mood/atmosphere. Haven’t given it a LOT of thought, but the general idea is coming to me. I’m going to have to go over it with her and see what she thinks.