Grillin’ n’ Stuff

Not really much stuff, but there was lots of grilling.

The Jaycees were grilling in front of Kroger today. I didn’t make it at 10 to help get initial supplies, but I was there shortly after. The guys had already started the grill, but forgot coolers. Luckily I had two sitting in storage. So once I got there we got ice, pop, and assorted meats. Then we had fun supplying Kroger shoppers with hot dogs, bratwurst, and hamburgers. Typical grilling fare.

All in all, it was pretty successful for our first attempt at grilling for the public. I left after a few hours when some more guys showed up to help. I went to Denny’s with Em when she came to see how things were going. The kids had a great time eating and having fun with their dinosaur-shaped chicken tenders. I still don’t know what part of the chicken that comes from, but the kids didn’t seem to care.

Then when I came home we rented a carpet cleaner. I feel so lucky that I am cleaning all the carpets in my house. They needed it, but it’s not the funnest process in the world.

Panini’s and Poo

Yesterday for lunch I had a panini. It was a first for me, and I have to say I liked it. Maybe I’ve lived a very sheltered food-life, but you couldn’t tell it from my waistline. The panini as I had it was made of toasted bread, cheese, and sliced turkey. I believe it was something I shall try again.

Out of the blue yesterday I stopped drinking pop. No particular reason and I didn’t decide to stop. I just did. I’ve been drinking water and one 12 ounce can of pop. I drink the soda first thing in the morning as I don’t like coffee much and everyone else doesn’t like tea. The caffeine helps get me going and then wears off by the time I get to work. So far I’m feeling better and think this could have something to do with it.

In the past 24 hours I have seen at least 4 seperate people take their dogs to the park/playground up the street and let the animals poo there. It’s disgusting. My children and several others from the neighborhood play at that park and these people let their animals poo there for them to walk through. If even 3/4 or or so of the people picked up after their animals I don’t think I would find it so appalling. It just upsets me that so many people can be so disgusting.

Memorial/moving day

Today Rob and I finished moving all of my sister’s stuff to her new house. It was only 95 degrees or so again today. We were sweating like there was no tomorrow. Fortunately we got it all in 2 trips.

Once that was completed, we each went home and showered. Then we took my grill to Jennifer’s, I cooked, and everyone ate. The food turned out quite well, despite a flare-up that could’ve burnt everything. Luckily Emily saw it and advised me to rescue the food.

After dinner I set off some bottle rockets at Erich’s request. Then I grabbed one of the fountains to finish. One word of advice – do NOT set one of the fountains with shooting balls off on a non-flat surface. I made that error and the balls shot everywhere. One actually came within 2 feet of nailing Emily. Not something that would have been good for anyone.

Today’s bit of wisdom: Always exercise caution around something that can either blow or burn your hand off.

Don’t forget your contacts

I did. I was so wiped last night that I forgot to take my contacts out. Now I have a haze and everything is blurry. I know it will go away but it sucks for now.

Also, I hurt. Being a fat man who sits in an office all day doesn’t bode well for helping someone move. Unfortunately that’s what I did yesterday – help Jennifer move. Today we finish up with the REALLY heavy stuff. Just wanted to whine about that a bit.

The kids got up this morning at 6:30. It’s too early to be up, don’t they know that? It would be nice if they would pick a day that I can sleep in for themselves to sleep in. I don’t think that will ever happen though. Seems like if I have the day off it’s “Let’s get out of bed early and wake dad up day”. Just more whining.

I’m gonna go take a shower now.

Josh and Randa, Kevin and Stacy

Today we didn’t do much but sit around the house as usual. Josh and Miranda came by to see us and the kids. Every time they come the kids talk about it for a week. They were here most of the afternoon terrorizing the kids and being terrorized by the kids. It’s nice to actually have some friends come by and just talk for awhile.

After dinner I got the joy of helping Emily color her hair a bit. She decided she needed blonde streaks. I didn’t get it, and have no clue what I’m doing but she decided that I had to help. Wound up running out of the “bleach solution” or whatever it is that changes the color. It wound up okay, but I think she’s just going to go totally blonde tomorrow. We shall see.

Late this evening Kevin and Stacy came by for a visit. We just sat outside and talked. I really like Stacy now that she’s been around a bit and talked. Before she was always very quiet and stand-offish. Now that she’s been around a bit she’s actually spoken up and is pretty fun.