Josh and Randa, Kevin and Stacy

Today we didn’t do much but sit around the house as usual. Josh and Miranda came by to see us and the kids. Every time they come the kids talk about it for a week. They were here most of the afternoon terrorizing the kids and being terrorized by the kids. It’s nice to actually have some friends come by and just talk for awhile.

After dinner I got the joy of helping Emily color her hair a bit. She decided she needed blonde streaks. I didn’t get it, and have no clue what I’m doing but she decided that I had to help. Wound up running out of the “bleach solution” or whatever it is that changes the color. It wound up okay, but I think she’s just going to go totally blonde tomorrow. We shall see.

Late this evening Kevin and Stacy came by for a visit. We just sat outside and talked. I really like Stacy now that she’s been around a bit and talked. Before she was always very quiet and stand-offish. Now that she’s been around a bit she’s actually spoken up and is pretty fun.

The lawn

I did manage to get the lawn mowed this morning. The kids made me crazy and run too late to get a haircut. Jami said she’d try to get me in sometime this weekend though, so that rules. So does Jami.

This afternoon and evening I dug through our clutter. I filled a 55 gallon trash bag with stuff. It wasn’t like there was garbage lying everywhere, but it was just stuff that we didn’t need or want. Also managed to finish 4 loads of laundry, sort socks, and organize the kids’ dresser. Oh, I vaccuumed too. Now that I look around I can’t say it looks like I did much, but man I’m tired.

The house does “feel” cleaner though. Maybe I did accomplish something.

Labor Day

Original title, huh? I’m taking Friday and Tuesday off. I think I deserve the mini-vacation.

It’s always fun to see how many calls I get on my days off. Generally I’ll have 4 calls or so before people figure out I’m not working. Then when I come back there are at least 8 voice messages and 5 emails or so. It’s nice to feel needed.

Tomorrow I’m going to mow the yard, take care of the mother-in-laws’ yard bags, get a haircut, and clean this darn house. It’s a lot to do on a day off, but it’ll be nice once it’s done and I can relax the next 4 days.

Monday I plan to host a get-together for the immediate family. Just cook some burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and whatever else crosses my mind. It’s not set in stone yet, I still need to run it by Emily, but I think it’ll be fun.


Today was pretty uneventful at work. Standard questions from customers and employees. Some issues with a roaming partner, but nothing that was my fault. 🙂 is now alive. I’m going to fine-tune and organize it before I link from the main page though. There are zoo photos and very few from last Christmas over at Marilee’s house. More to come, I promise.

Today was THAT day

From the moment I arrived at work until about now. Nothing seemed to go my way today. I forgot my mobile at home so I was almost late, work was unpleasant, Erich had an incident at Pre-K (last day, of course), and nothing especially good occurred to balance it out.

The positive is that I wound up at work on time, completed my assigned work, Erich learned from his experience, and the kids are being fairly well-behaved this evening. I haven’t had to correct them much and that’s always great.

Does anyone actually read this? Not that I care, it’s just nice to vent, but a comment here and there would be good.