Everybody’s MIA

All the execs and a few others went to Alltel HQ for a meeting. Of course everyone back here at the office is speculating what’s going on. Frankly I’m not that worried. I figure whatever will happen will happen.

People seem very preoccupied with what is going to happen rather than with what is happening right now. Why worry? Just go about your job and hope that we will be told a reasonable amount of time before we are dismissed.

Wednesday excitement

Not really. Today was just another day at the office and I don’t expect much this evening. I think it’s nice to have those kinds of days every once in awhile. Some time to relax and reflect. Perhaps I will start learning espanol. May as well the way Bush is going.

I did find a disturbing entry in Wikipedia earlier. They list the price that Alltel paid for First Cellular at US$14-15 million. While we are a small carrier, that strikes me as unbelieveably low. I have searched and searched via Google, FCC.gov, and FTC.gov to no avail. Perhaps someday I will know. I don’t really care, but now that an amount has been stated that I believe to be incorrect, I want to know.

One geek to rule them all

I am typing this from my couch. No, I didn’t run a really long ethernet cable, I setup my home wireless network and got my Broadcom-chipset wireless card talking to it. Normally this would not be anything special, but I did it in LINUX. Again, a wireless network in linux is no huge accomplishment, but getting a wireless card with this chipset working isn’t extremely easy.

Yeah, I’m gloating, but it was frustrating and no one reads this anyway. I’m still somewhat ill, but everyone else is fine, so that’s good. My illness is fading so hopefully I won’t have to whine much longer.

Now I’m going to surf and enjoy my wireless-ness. 🙂

Illness and Corporate Purchases

It’s Wednesday and Emily and I are both ill. Amaya has a little bit of a cough, but nothing too serious. I get to thank Emily for getting me sick. It’s a joy. And of course it’s been nothing but rainy outside. That sure helps a sick person get better.

I guess the positive is that the children aren’t sick. That’s always an adventure that is not enjoyed by anyone.

I’m definitely going to run for city council. It’s not hard to get on the ballot and I have nothing to lose. At least I can say I tried. My budget stands at $0, so if anyone would like to lobby me, my time is for rent.

Alltel has officially taken over FC. They seem to be a very good company that can go far, especially since they have no debt. Unfortunately they are still tight-lipped about what will or won’t happen with current employees of FC. That doesn’t make anyone feel better. Oh well, they say they will give us advance notice of changes so I’m hopeful.

The Zoo

I have just been informed that we are going to the zoo on the 19th. The kids aren’t as excited as I expected. I know they’ll have great fun, but it’s probably too far away for them to worry about it now. I’ve taken the day off and realize now that Emily is probably more excited than the kids.

Big company meeting Monday. Rumor has that it will be unusually short. Of course rumors around this joint are notoriously wrong. I swear an office is only outdone by churches in the amount of gossip they spout.

Last night, Emily sealed up a spot in the roof that the home’s previous owner sealed with silicone. TWIT. Unfortunately, he and his sister (the real estate agent) ripped us good. At least we did learn that they are crooks and things to look for when buying our next home.

Also last night, Em trimmed some small branches since she was on the roof anyway. I still need to get up there with the chainsaw, but it looks better.

This morning, the allergies are kicking Emily’s butt. Her one eye is swollen a bit and looking rough. That’s what she gets for messing with the tree. At least that’s what I’ll tell her.