About Dan…

I’m a pretty average guy who lives in southern Illinois. More specifically, I live in Mount Vernon. MtV is an odd little town that should be booming with industry given its closeness to water, rail, and two major interstates.

I worked at First Cellular for over four years, but the market changed so much that the owners decided it was time to sell. That led to my return to college. With the Alltel purchase of First Cellular of Southern Illinois and the subsequent closing the back office, I went back to college. While I was in college, I was also working at Ecodigital Development Group as a ‘Network Support Specialist’.

I now have an Information Technology Specialist degree. I have CCNA and some CCNP classes completed, many certificates, and a big, bad, two-year degree.  I maintained an “A/B” average in my degree-related classes. The curriculum was being modified, so I was able to substitute some VoIP and wireless classes that were not previously included in the degree.

In November 2009, I was hired by a hosting company as a Linux Network Administrator. SchoolCenter hosts and develops sites for schools and districts across the USA. This was an extremely challenging position that allowed for growth, learning, and a great expansion of my skill sets. I played with PHP, MySQL, Ubuntu server, and email server software including Zimbra.

The spring of 2011 led to a change of employment yet again. I am now the Senior Network Manager for a nationwide formal wear company. I won’t mention them by name to avoid mixing them up in any posts I might make here. Those who need to know where I am employed already have that information. 🙂

I am married with two children. Erich, Amaya, and of course my wife Emily are the lights of my life. I don’t know what I would do without them, even though the kids make me crazy daily. Em and I have very snarky senses of humor, and we are both dorks. We fit pretty well, I think.

If you’re investigating me, or just curious, I can be found all across the web by the moniker ‘dirtvoyles’. Check out the sites I am on listed under ‘Socialyzed’ on this site. I’m also many other places I can’t think of right now. Please ask if you’re not sure.

If you’re an employer, please ask for my resume via dirtvoyles{at}gmail.kom . I know it’s not professional, but spam bots tend to harvest real addresses quickly.