Archive: February, 2006

A woman and her hair.

Em got the brilliant idea to stripe her hair today. It didn’t go so well. I was forced to make an emergency trip to Walgreens to get dye to cover the effects. I think her hair is revolting against the changes.

The kids and I went to the park again today and kicked the soccer ball around, among other things. Then we had Subway for dinner and I’m now waiting for my FOX Sunday night shows to start. Unfortunately racing is on until 7.

Two wild and craaaazy guys.

It was a wild day. Tysia stayed the night, so all 3 kids had fun playing and terrorizing me. I cooked on the grill for lunch and the kids played at the park for a bit.

Em did not have to work today, so she got to sleep in a little and have a day off. This evening Mom came and watched Erich and Amaya so that Em and I could go have dinner.

We went to this new place called Willy’s (formerly “The Hardwood”). Em’s cousin Pam was working. Their food is good, but nothing to jump around about. It was very nice to see Pammy.

After seeing Pam and having dinner, we went to Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart. They force manufacturers to reduce the cost of their products to the point they are worthless, and then we are excited because a pair of jeans cost 2 cents less.

Anyway, that was our wild Saturday.

The afternoon/evening

Well, my afternoon off was uneventful. I got a haircut (Thank you Jami!), and went to Carbondale for a minute. Picked up a shirt for Em that I hope she’ll find as funny as I did.

Picked up pizza, Cinderella, and Sky High for the kiddos. They had fun kinda paying attention to Sky High and eating the pizza. They whined as usual when I put them to bed, but passed right out. I guess playing hard wears them out. Who knew?

I’m still waiting to see if Em has to work tomorrow. I hope not, I miss her.

My Son

Apparently my son has been bugging Em for two days to call me on the phone. Anyone’s guess is as good as mine for why he HAS to call me, but it made me feel good anyway.

Em is working ten hour days and it SUCKS. I have a hard time falling asleep when she’s not there. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but true. Hopefully her work will get some more people or at least slow down enough before she dies of exhaustion. I love you dear.

This afternoon I’m getting a haircut and taking the kids to the park afterward. Erich is surprisingly good at dribbling a basketball (NBA anyone?). Amaya just likes kicking the soccer ball.

Children are so easily entertained.

I. Am. An. Idiot.

Tonight I clocked out and went to get in my car. All was well. Then I tried to turn the engine over.

Apparently I had left the lights on at lunch and my battery was dead.

Now I understand that everyone does this from time to time, but for me it’s a bi-monthly occurence. Heck, I have the auto-club on speed dial. My next car will definitely have automated lights. I am the dumbest smart person I know.