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Tysia’s Birthday

Last night we had a small family gathering for Tysia at Jennifer’s. She seemed to have a blast with the usual cake, ice cream, presents, and etc.

The kids enjoyed celebrating and being kids. If you want, there are more (blurry) photos at

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Welcome to the Bush World Domination Adventure

Toward Freedom – Bush Moves Toward Martial Law

This article highlights a lot of the points of interest that scare me lately. Most notably are the in and out-of-country “detention centers” and grand sweeping power of the provisions that Bush has just signed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country and know better than to put all my faith into an internet article,  but you can only read the same thing so many times without wondering how much truth is behind it. Obviously these documents that are referred to must exist, right? I mean, the references are pretty specific.

Maybe I should say that I like the idea of my country, since it seems to be changing and our rights eroding. More and more it seems that there are bad things being done behind the scenes that could lead to a horrible change in our country.

The House of Horror

This year got off to quite a start. So far we have over 500 victims through in three days. I would like to thank me for putting together such great publicity.

Seriously, there has been a LOT of work put in to this year’s House. About 6 core guys helped with the building, Kevin came up with the theme “Heartland Horrors”, several past presidents agreed to design/run the maze this year, the firefighters are running our attraction outside in the yard, and I did put out a little bit of press. Everything came together into an amazing House that has already received great overheard comments and had the door ripped off the hinges because of the scare factor.

Concessions seem to be going over much better this year as well. About half of everyone who comes is purchasing something. That’s not a bad ratio considering that we are serving a very limited variety of products. I do think that we WAY over-ordered our soda supply, but perhaps that will pick up since we are only 1/3 of the way through our run.

We are at or above our budget v income, so we should have easy sailing from here out. Plus there will be no school in the county Thursday and Friday of this week. That should help attendance quite a bit.

The World Series

Well, my Cardinals are now tied with the Tigers 1-1 in the World Series. I was hoping for a four game sweep, but I guess five games won’t be too bad either. With Chris Carpenter on the mound and the series coming back to Saint Louis, I have no doubt that the boys in red will take at least two out of three.

Last night the guys seemed to be rather “off” in their batting. I don’t know if the problems were because of Kenny Rogers’ great work or perhaps just a bad night, but either way it wasn’t the same team that took game seven of the NLCS.

Cards WIN!!!

St. Louis Cardinals : News : St. Louis Cardinals News

    You’ll either yawn or already know, but the STL Cardinals won tonight. They locked-down and now only have to win one of 2 games to go play the Tigers in thw world series. As much as it sucks that I missed the whole season, at least I’ve been catching the post-season games.