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Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-10-31

  • Last night of the HoH! #

Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End (parody)

Okay, I think Johnny Depp is creepy and his movies/shows generally suck. I have to admit that I think the PotC movies are awesome though. The pirate-y action and fun way they portray everything is great. The effects are top-notch and Depp actually plays the role of Jack Sparrow in a way I enjoy.

Yeah, he’s fruity like a dessert tray, but it works. So, I’m waiting for the last one to come out on DVD since I only recently watched the first two (it’s due around Christmas I think). I was looking around the interwebs for the trailer, and came across this spoof trailer.

Before you go watch it, I have to warn you of a few things…

You must have seen the following movies to get all of the trailer: Pirates of the Caribbean (1 and 2), Goonies, and Muppet’s Treasure Island.

You must also have seen the “21 Jumpstreet” series that Depp was in for awhile (crucial for the last joke in the clip).

Once you are versed in these things, go watch the spoof. It is hilarious with my warped sense of humor.

People change and separate, I guess

I am acquainted with quite a few people. Doing PR work for the Jaycees, working at First Cellular, and living here my whole life has helped that fact.

Recently I have discovered that there are a few people I have tried to stay in contact with by sending email, SMS, or a simple phone call, but they are unresponsive. I’m not angry, just wondering why we toss people aside when we do not regularly see them. Maybe I have slighted them in some way? Perhaps they are too busy?

I don’t know the reasoning behind any of it. I do know that it makes me sad to lose contact with people, especially people that I care about. Maybe they are just busy and I’ll hear something soon. Perhaps I should just get over it and move on.

Midway through the long run, Halloween is coming

Well, we are midway through our long stretch at the House of Horror. Things have been humming right along, but were slow this weekend. Hopefully everyone is holding out until Halloween on Wednesday.

We’ve made it through storms, being shorthanded, and other inconveniences. Not much to go through now except time. Once this week is over, I will need a vacation. Perhaps I will relax a few days until it is time for the tear-down of this mess.


Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-10-27

  • Over 120 victims tonight. Just finished. #