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Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-09-30

  • Loud storm. #
  • Dark, scary clouds. Not much storm though. #
  • It’s a beautiful mornin’… #
  • A bit chilly outside this morning, but a great looking day. #
  • Just helped a friend with a network build. Probably saved him a lot of cash. #
  • Busy all day, but it doesn’t seem like I got much finished. #

Useful Student Organization – Studyrails

I have just been impressed by a new site/application site. Lifehack had an article about Studyrails the other day and I decided to check it out. It wasn’t so much a review as it was an offer for 100 free accounts at the site through January 2009.

I put my name in the hat, and didn’t get one of the free accounts. They did send me an email to let me know, and I decided to try out the site anyway.

Once I was there, Studyrails asked about some personal information (that they promise not to share), asked about my classes and their schedules, and finally some location/phone information. This was very painless and easy to step through. I give kudos for their great interface.

Upon entering the real site one can tell immediately that it very closely looks like Google Calendar. Fortunately, Studyrails is different enough to notice though. Their scheduling is great in that it lets you block off time and have it assigned automatically or specifically by you to certain tasks. All of the time assignment can be done by click-dragging across a period, and then assigning it to an event, studying, or whatever.

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Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-09-29

Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-09-28

  • Erich’s team is 5-0! He scored a touchdown today! #
  • Laaaaaaaaaazy Sunday afternoon. #

Daniel’s Tweets for 2008-09-27

  • @lindseymastis A little stuffy? #