Archive: September, 2011

Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-09-29

  • Never understood people complaining about the weekend not being long enough. Something has flipped, and now I absolutely understand. #vacay #
  • Damn, today is the buffalo chicken sandwich special at #DairyKing I was so wanting Cordon Bleu, which is tomorrow. #damnyouwednesday #
  • I like the idea of a #RedOctober but I'm afraid it may not last long. #

Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-09-28

  • Chance to win a laptop, gift card, or $25,000 daily. What have you got to lose? #
  • I'm a sysprep master. #

Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-09-27

Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-09-25

Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-09-24

  • Welcome, Friday. Glad you decided to come back around. #
  • Foggy day in Trenton. #
  • Chances daily for a new laptop or $50 gift card. It's free, and I haven't noticed any spam. #
  • Only 2.5 hours to go… #
  • Come see @JohnGcomedy and @KeithAlberstadt tomorrow night in Mount Vernon. Tickets are only $10 and available now at MtV TV and Appliance. #
  • Computer has to be shipped to Cali Monday. Parts will be here Monday. Thx CDW. #
  • 3 hours later, but I'm finally down to one assignment that's due this weekend. Stupid BS. #