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Dan’s Tweets for 2012-05-31

Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-31

  • It's okay, keep forwarding those emails and clicking on Facebook. | Flame virus could attack other nations #
  • I wonder if Mount Vernon is included. | Google+ Local launches today #
  • Whether PR or not, GREAT PR. Also, I support this idea. | Tim Cook wants more ‘All American’ Apple products #
  • If you need a new or spare cord, this is a good deal. | TODAY ONLY Craftsman Pushlock 25ft Power Cord $11.32 #
  • Everyone makes mistakes, but how many can you count here? | Drunk, pregnant mom leaves baby in car to get piercing #
  • Bet you don't have one, do you? | Your Emergency Fund Needs to Be Bigger Than You Think #
  • Ehhhh, kinda hokey but okay. | Life Lessons from Solitaire #
  • I'm lucky to pronounce some of the words in this list. | Eight decades of winning National Spelling Bee words #

Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-30

  • Yes, debt is up since Obama. Unfortunately, It started about 1972. Clinton was the last drop. | Federal Debt 1790-2009 #
  • Don't worry, yur grammer dun matta. | How education impacts the journey to CIO #
  • We should all be over-thinking. | The Advantage of Over-Analyzing Your Spending #
  • DVR and skip commercials? CRIMINAL!! | Networks – You're Breaking The Law When You Skip Commercials #
  • I mean everybody else should pay taxes… | IMF's Christine Lagarde, Who Chastised Greek Tax Evaders, Pays No Taxes #
  • Missed doing @BigKevsView tonight with @thehooch36 and @TetheredHeather but sometimes life happens to get in the way. #

Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-29

Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-28