Archive: March, 2006


Nothing exciting to report. This past weekend we stayed mostly at home. It was relaxing to spend time with Em and the kids. No running around like mad to squeeze every last minute out of the weekend. We got a little yard cleanup done Saturday, and Em finished that today.

On Sunday we took the kids to see the “Popcorn Pete” show. It’s evidently fun for the kids as they had no problem talking about it all day Monday to everyone they saw. They were even recalling it to me last night on the way home. Who knew that a stage production of children’s characters could be so endearing. After the show we had ice cream that wound up more ON Amaya than in her.

This week I’ve been working on Jaycee promotional materials. There are a number of great promotional items on the site. There’s everything from M-night ideas to business cards to mailers. I’ve customized several of them for our chapter and will show them off tonight.

Work is still chugging along. People can’t seem to stop playing with their handsets. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would just not tamper with the programming, but they do tamper with it a lot.

Google Hosted Email – pffftthhhtttt

Having Google host my email turned out to be more of a pain than a convenience. While I am grateful for the offer by them after my request, it just isn’t for me. Maybe I was just too stupid to do it. Either way, I will keep email hosted myself.

Jeans tomorrow at work again. I think I’m getting spoiled. Woo-hoo.

Gmail now hosts my domain’s email

Google came through on the email hosting. I am excited. With Google hosting my email, I don’t have to worry about it taking away from my bandwidth and storage limits. I may actually take the Forums mainstream now.

At work today, I had 6 voicemails and 5 emails awaiting replies. I waded through all but one. The customer was on his way to work and asked me to call back tomorrow afternoon. Other than that, life’s good in the cube farm.

The weather snapped back to VERY cold today. I wish it would either warm a little, a lot, or just stay cold. I hate this back and forth crap.

Birthday and Anniversary

My birthday on Friday was the usual crappy day as always. I don’t know why, but I have learned that my birthday itself will always suck. It’s okay though, Emily made it up to me on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we went to Marion/Carbondale and got her some shorts and a few other items at Target. My Lord the woman loves her Target. Saturday night the kids stayed with Aunt Jennifer at a hotel so that they could swim and have a fun excursion. Em and I went to eat at Lone Star (my choice) and then went to play mini-golf. Despite her whining about going, she remarked “This is fun.” at one point. The local min-golf joint isn’t impressive, but I wanted to go. Then we went up to the Jaycees and relaxed with the guys for a bit.

Sunday we got wild and I took her to Bob Evans for breakfast. After going to uncle Bob’s, we hit up Lowe’s and got some supplies to paint the kitchen cabinets. Em picked out a maroon-brick red. I don’t get it, but whatever makes her happy. Then craziness ensued as we purchased groceries at Kroger. We’re some wild ones.

Then we picked up the kids and came home. Sounds pretty lame looking back at it typed out, but I swear we had fun.

Jerky and Termites

Today I took the morning off. I thought someone had to be home when Terminix did the termite treatment, but I was wrong. It was nice to have the morning off.

When I went into work, there were a few things to do. THEN my day blew up. I was running from the time I got there until I left. I got most everything done, though. Never fails, every time I take some time off everyone and their mom calls.

I did get some yummy deer jerky courtesy of one of my cube-mates. It is yummy.

We get to wear jeans tomorrow, yay.