Nothing exciting to report. This past weekend we stayed mostly at home. It was relaxing to spend time with Em and the kids. No running around like mad to squeeze every last minute out of the weekend. We got a little yard cleanup done Saturday, and Em finished that today.

On Sunday we took the kids to see the “Popcorn Pete” show. It’s evidently fun for the kids as they had no problem talking about it all day Monday to everyone they saw. They were even recalling it to me last night on the way home. Who knew that a stage production of children’s characters could be so endearing. After the show we had ice cream that wound up more ON Amaya than in her.

This week I’ve been working on Jaycee promotional materials. There are a number of great promotional items on the site. There’s everything from M-night ideas to business cards to mailers. I’ve customized several of them for our chapter and will show them off tonight.

Work is still chugging along. People can’t seem to stop playing with their handsets. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would just not tamper with the programming, but they do tamper with it a lot.