Damn Parrots

Saturday was relatively uneventful. We all just sat around the house and relaxed. Did some laundry and vacuumed. We’re wild people.

Then the kids decided they would pick up their room after I had been asking them all day. So I called Jennifer because they had been asking to go out there all day and I countered with the picking up of their room. Jennifer said it was okay, so we took the kids out there for a few hours.

Em and I then had dinner at “El Amigos”. It’s a pretty good joint, but if you’ve been to “El Rancherito”, it’s the same food. I will say that El Amigos was a spot better. Unfortunately, while I was eating I couldn’t get over the two very large parrots staring at me. They made for nice atmosphere, but creeped me out. (See photos)

Then we went to the mall and picked up some new clothes for the kiddos. I picked Erich a few polo shirts, and we got Amaya a very cute little outfit. Hopefully the clothes make it to pictures at school on Monday.