Mud and Steak

Today we relaxed, went to the department store and drove around looking for a new Haunted House for the Jaycees. We had Bob Evans for lunch, and the kids had fun with bendy straws.

Early evening, we took the kids to Jennifer’s for a sleepover. They were all excited and covered in mud within 10 minutes. I’m still amazed how entertaining throwing rocks into a creek can be to them. Pictures to come later.

Em and I then went to the 9th Street grill to eat. OMG! They have the best food ever. I don’t know how they season their steaks, but it was sweet and grill-y all at the same time. Tender, juicy, and just outright amazing. Also, they have this sauce they call “False Alarm”. I just thought it was a play on five-alarm, but it isn’t. It tastes like it’s going to be hot and then isn’t. Truly it is a false-alarm. If you’re nearby, TRY IT!

Now we are heading up to the Jaycees to play some poker and relax. I’m only taking $15, so hopefully I won’t regret it in the morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.