Remembering Fat Tuesday

Yesterday at work we got to wear jeans, bring food, and generally have more fun than usual. I think a good time was had by all. My day was busy with customer calls and the usual office-work, but it was a beautiful day inside and outside the office.

Em replaced the drain in the bathtub yesterday during her day off. I must say she is the best handy-wife ever. She found two fountains at the local shop, but I wasn’t totally impressed with either. There was one that had 2 tiers which I preferred. Three tiers with our little yard would be too much, IMO.

Before I went to bed, I started some clothes drying (I had forgotten to start the dryer). Then as I’m turning out the light I hear thumping – assume there are shoes in the dryer and move on. THEN – thump, meow, thump, meow…..

Apparently Waffle (cat) had been napping with the clothes and was being dried. Fortunately she was only in there a few seconds and was only rattled, but it was hilarious to watch her stumble out from the confusion.