Nothing exciting at work today. Usual customer calls and issues.

After work I came home and did laundry, dishes, and started dinner. It’s amazing what you can get done in 1/2 hour. Then I took most of the movies we had out back to Blockbuster and went to pick up the kids (Jen had them).

On the way home I got to hear all about “Circus Day” at daycare. Apparently the kids had a great time. They had even more fun when they got to go with Aunt Jennifer and play with Tysia. The kids ate while they were there, so my chicken alfredo and pasta goes in the refrigerator for Mom tonight and us tomorrow.

Unfortunately this week is the end of inventory at the warehouse so there are joyous 10 hour days mandatory and quite the good possibility of working Saturday and Sunday. I hate her work. As for me, the uncertainty at work lingers. Upper management is all about the positive spin, and I’m trying to stay upbeat, although there are MANY around me that are CONSTANTLY being negative.

Whether I have a future with Alltel or not (hopefully I do), I’m excited about the possibilities and am going to do my darnedest to impress them.