We’re not in Kansas anymore

Last night was awesome and awful at the same time. The evening started great as Em and I had a great dinner, and then went to play poker at the Jaycee’s building with Kevin and some of his buddies. Then Jim came up and all was fun.

THEN Kevin’s wife calls and wants him to come home because there’s a tornado watch. Now we live in tornado alley, so we’re all thinking “pfffftttthhhtttt”. Then his sister calls, and then his wife again. So we call the game on account of wife, and he bolts. Then Em decides that we should go get the kids.

By now the rain is torrential. So we get to Jennifer’s and get the kids, and come home and watch the weather coverage. By about 12:30 things have calmed a bit and we all went to bed.

Surveying the damage this morning, there’s a lot of tree barf (small limbs, etc.) and standing water. Nobody got blown away that I know about today.

The pictures are the promised ones from the kids playing in the mud.