Amaya’s Birthday

Sunday is Amaya’s birthday, and she’s excited as her dippiness will allow. She knows it’s coming, and knows there will be presents and a party, but isn’t flipping out. Today she received presents from aunt Diana, and spent the late morning and ride to day care playing with the little dolls. She does the same thing with Emily’s toes, but the dolls were definitely loved.

Apparently, we are going to visit relatives and open presents on Saturday pretty much. Then we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday with Erich, Amaya, Tysia, and Alex. THAT should be an adventure.

Alltel was here en-force today. There wasn’t much in my area, other than making a presentation sheet or two for my boss and activating a handset for Alltel to play with, but it was still nerve-wracking. From what I’ve heard all the Alltel people were nice and friendly so I do have a good non-impression of them. More will unfold in the weeks and months to come.