Easter Saturday

The kids went today out to Mike and Joan’s church and participated in some Easter festivities. Erich did very well with the “egg toss”. He made 6 out of 8. Not too shabby. They also got to make door hangers, received a bit of candy, and had a great time to hear Amaya’s non-stop yapping.

Em is out shopping for summer clothes. The kids have virtually none. We went from cold to warm/hot very quickly and we weren’t prepared. Actually, Em thought ahead and bought summer clothes for this year last fall when they were on sale, but Erich’s too big and Amaya’s too small. Oh well, Emily said she’s found a dress for Amaya already and some shorts for Erich.

While Emily, Erich, and Amaya were Easter-ing I managed to get most of the yard mowed and the tree-barf cleaned up. There are a few spots to clean up in the back yard, but I ran out of gas and the kids got home. Now I’m listening to the Card’s game. 6-1 Cards in the 5th. Woot.