Good Friday

More Like Great Friday. The weather all week has been awesome, including today. Unfortunately I was stuck at work. Pffffttthhhttt.

Perhaps today wasn’t a total loss. I did squeeze in a haircut to look pretty for the Alltel people coming in on Monday. Talk about making people nervous. I’m not freaked out, but I am a bit worried about the future. However, change can be good.

I’m thinking of running for city council. I don’t know that I’ll make it, but you never know if you don’t try. Plus, I’ll be able to say I tried to do something about the problems I complain about. It’s more than I can say for most.

The kids had a fun day with Grandma. They can’t stop talking about it. Probably all the candy and pop they had today. Granny spoils them. Erich even had a belly ache for a bit. Haven’t we all had that at one time as kids?