New Possibilities

Last night at the weekly meeting, I had to deliver the bad news that there will be no Jaycees’ Radio Show. We were able to come up with 0 sponsors. That’s pretty sad. Not one single business in the county would purchase ad space to support us.

On the plus side, we did come up with some great plans for future endeavors. On-tap there is a casino night, grilling in front of Kroger, concessions at AFFL games, and the “Rock the Holiday” event at the Holiday Inn. Things are bleak now, but look to be improving.

The kids have been on spring break all week and keep asking when they can go back to school. Weirdos. In about 5 years they’ll be begging not to go I bet. For now, it’s nice to know they enjoy it.

Check out the Mount Vernon Jaycees’ website. I did that.