Tonight I listed my Utilikilt on eBay. It was painful, but had to be done. Other than that, generally stayed at the house. I took the kids to the local park this afternoon and we played for about an hour. I think they had a blast playing with one of the local kids that happened to be there.

Tomorrow starts a new week. Maybe something life-changing will happen. Never know. Hopefully I will get a job overseas. I appreciate this country, but more and more I am becoming very unhappy with the government. AT&T and the NSA in cahoots? W handing out wiretaps like it’s going out of style? The governor of Illinois wants to increase the FOID fee to an exorbinate amount? The RIAA successfully extorting money out of people who have likely done nothing illegal? The MPAA and movie studios enacting DRM that effectively eliminate Fair Use? The DMCA? WTF?

I joined the EFF. Not that I or they may solve the world’s problems, but it’s something. Maybe I can help make a difference in some small way.