Illness and Corporate Purchases

It’s Wednesday and Emily and I are both ill. Amaya has a little bit of a cough, but nothing too serious. I get to thank Emily for getting me sick. It’s a joy. And of course it’s been nothing but rainy outside. That sure helps a sick person get better.

I guess the positive is that the children aren’t sick. That’s always an adventure that is not enjoyed by anyone.

I’m definitely going to run for city council. It’s not hard to get on the ballot and I have nothing to lose. At least I can say I tried. My budget stands at $0, so if anyone would like to lobby me, my time is for rent.

Alltel has officially taken over FC. They seem to be a very good company that can go far, especially since they have no debt. Unfortunately they are still tight-lipped about what will or won’t happen with current employees of FC. That doesn’t make anyone feel better. Oh well, they say they will give us advance notice of changes so I’m hopeful.