Labor Day

Original title, huh? I’m taking Friday and Tuesday off. I think I deserve the mini-vacation.

It’s always fun to see how many calls I get on my days off. Generally I’ll have 4 calls or so before people figure out I’m not working. Then when I come back there are at least 8 voice messages and 5 emails or so. It’s nice to feel needed.

Tomorrow I’m going to mow the yard, take care of the mother-in-laws’ yard bags, get a haircut, and clean this darn house. It’s a lot to do on a day off, but it’ll be nice once it’s done and I can relax the next 4 days.

Monday I plan to host a get-together for the immediate family. Just cook some burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and whatever else crosses my mind. It’s not set in stone yet, I still need to run it by Emily, but I think it’ll be fun.