The Zoo

I have just been informed that we are going to the zoo on the 19th. The kids aren’t as excited as I expected. I know they’ll have great fun, but it’s probably too far away for them to worry about it now. I’ve taken the day off and realize now that Emily is probably more excited than the kids.

Big company meeting Monday. Rumor has that it will be unusually short. Of course rumors around this joint are notoriously wrong. I swear an office is only outdone by churches in the amount of gossip they spout.

Last night, Emily sealed up a spot in the roof that the home’s previous owner sealed with silicone. TWIT. Unfortunately, he and his sister (the real estate agent) ripped us good. At least we did learn that they are crooks and things to look for when buying our next home.

Also last night, Em trimmed some small branches since she was on the roof anyway. I still need to get up there with the chainsaw, but it looks better.

This morning, the allergies are kicking Emily’s butt. Her one eye is swollen a bit and looking rough. That’s what she gets for messing with the tree. At least that’s what I’ll tell her.