Grillin’ n’ Stuff

Not really much stuff, but there was lots of grilling.

The Jaycees were grilling in front of Kroger today. I didn’t make it at 10 to help get initial supplies, but I was there shortly after. The guys had already started the grill, but forgot coolers. Luckily I had two sitting in storage. So once I got there we got ice, pop, and assorted meats. Then we had fun supplying Kroger shoppers with hot dogs, bratwurst, and hamburgers. Typical grilling fare.

All in all, it was pretty successful for our first attempt at grilling for the public. I left after a few hours when some more guys showed up to help. I went to Denny’s with Em when she came to see how things were going. The kids had a great time eating and having fun with their dinosaur-shaped chicken tenders. I still don’t know what part of the chicken that comes from, but the kids didn’t seem to care.

Then when I came home we rented a carpet cleaner. I feel so lucky that I am cleaning all the carpets in my house. They needed it, but it’s not the funnest process in the world.