Gotta Love the Ignorant Spending

Metroblogging Chicago: Rep. Rahm Emanuel: “Why are we paying over $100,000 for a ‘White House Director of Lessons Learned’?” Good question.

While this post isn’t something I agree with 100%, I must say it raises some good points.

I especially love the salaries paid to BS positions. Why don’t they just say they’re giving Aunt Martha’s kid a bullshit position to handout some free money? It’s one thing to rip us off, and quite another to try to hide it.

The country is too small to hide that obvious of a rip-off.

Also, how are these “Distinguished Gentlemen” able to give themselves raises and then not help the poor people across these United States eek out a slightly better wage?

Yes, I know how horrible it is being rich, getting elected to office, the government paying for your travel/offices/etc., and then getting richer and more powerful by being in office.

Oh WAIT… NO I DON’T. I’m one of those poor slobs who probably could have benefitted from the minimum wage being raised. Not directly, as I’m over that line already, but indirectly as all wages should rise a little on the wave.

Thanks, Government, for again screwing the little guy. Â