Let there be light… (Said the lineman)

Well, our power is now reconnected. After the still-unknown person came by and fixed our meter loop mast, Ameren sent “Henkel & McCoy” to reconnect the line to the house.

Those poor guys are working 18+ hours per day, and they were still very nice. We joked around a bit while they connected the wiring and one of the guys told me some stories about his experiences. One time he said after hurricane Rita they had to live in their trucks for a week. Then after hurricane Katrina they lived in the trucks for 3 weeks.

I’ve been “roughing it” at my in-laws for a week and thought that was tough (not really). I cannot imagine having to live in a vehicle for 3 weeks far away from home. He said he rarely gets to see his daughter during times like this, and that has to be tough. As much as I complain about Erich and Amaya bugging me, I sure do miss them when they’re not around.

This is my big THANK YOU to all of you linemen, firemen, policemen, and everyone else who have and will help us through this rough spot.

Photos of our great linemen.