Press Releases

Friday I sent out a couple of press releases for the Jaycees. They were for the training Bill and Jaffo are putting on over three weeks and the Rick Raney Moonlight Golf Scramble.

The public speaking “training” is really happening, but it’s mostly to promote our general meetings and try to get some new members. The Moonlight Golf Scramble is in memory of a Jaycee who was tragically killed. The proceeds benefit the Jaycees, of course, but also help to pay the scholarship given in Rick’s name every year to a Mount Vernon HS graduate.

Last night Emily and I went to dinner with Jami at the Silver Streak. The women had fun clucking, and afterward I went to play poker for awhile. I didn’t get put out as early as normal. Actually, I would’ve been in for a while longer but Emily was bored after Jami left.

Jami does sound comitted to helping at the haunted house with my room. It’ll be nice to have someone actually show up and help create the mood/atmosphere. Haven’t given it a LOT of thought, but the general idea is coming to me. I’m going to have to go over it with her and see what she thinks.