White Trash

Nothing like taking one’s break and watching a woman dressed down going into Kroger. No biggie, she had on shorts and a t-shirt, and was carrying her baby in a regular carrier. What killed me was her two other children following after her without shoes.

I understand kids and no shoes. Growing up in rural areas, I often played outside with no shoes on. Nothing wrong with that situation. Kids like running and being free, fine. What bugs me is that this woman saw nothing wrong with her children walking across unknown substances on the sidewalk in front of Kroger, AND walking around inside the grocery store like that.

I almost offered to buy them a pair of sandals.

Another lovely thing that Emily brought up to me as I explained it to her on the phone: How can people take their children out in just a diaper? No clothes at all, just a diaper. I would imagine if I tried to walk around in only my underwear it wouldn’t go over too well. While I don’t hold children to the same standards of dress as adults, this example serves to illustrate my image of this area as FULL of white trash.

Either behave as a civilized human, or go live your bohemian lifestyle somewhere else. It is pathetic the kind of people that would let these things happen. I’m embarassed to take my children to the gas station for a bottle of water if they are dirty from playing in the yard for fear of what people will think.

My blame does not fall solely on the people of this area. A lot of it has to do with the education system and the complete lack of gainful employment. For example, making over $30K/year in this area is almost impossible. Most likely these “trashies” saw their parents and neighbors growing up poor due to the horrible economics and now see nothing wrong with the lifestyle.

To flip back though, can they not look around and see that the rest of the world does not behave the same as they do?

Maybe we just rich folk that don’t know what it like to live on food stamps.

Or maybe we get off our asses, work, practice good hygiene, and try to better ourselves.

Your call.