Tomorrow morning I will finally have my wisdom teeth pulled. It should have been done long ago, but we either didn’t have the financial ability or our insurance was worthless. Actually, I guess the two are related. I’m a bit nervous about having them done and then going to work the next day. Never know if I’m going to have horribly swollen cheeks, mouth, etc. or if all will be fairly normal. At least I can take comfort in knowing that everyone here in the office loves this dentist and thinks they are really great.

Coca-cola has informed the Jaycees to poop and fall in it as far as sponsoring the Haunted House. Looks like we will be with Pepsi for another year. Pepsi has always cut us deals on the trailer, pop, and signage that we need, just checked into Coke for the heck of it. Lipps construction has agreed to provide us with a significant amount of lumber and other supplies. I guess it helps that Carey Lipps is a former Jaycee.

I sent out about 50 letters to friendly local businesses to ask them to sponsor the HH. We have different tiers of sponsorship this year. Beginning with a mention on our sponsor board for $25, and up to being the “Jaycees’ House of Horror sponsored by xxxx” for $250 or more. For the $250 we will have them on the board, on all advertising (including radio spots), and of course free tickets to distribute as they wish.

Speaking of tickets – Matt DeMiranda has designed the tickets and flyers for years to come. He volunteered his personal time and came up with an awesome design. I describe it as a cross between SE7EN, Saw, and an antiqued ticket. Put simply everyone who has seen it has been blown away by the originality and creativity he displayed. Thank you Matt!

2006 House of Horror Ticket Design