Haunted House Beginnings…

Tomorrow night will begin construction of the Haunted House. I bought and threw together a site. It’s cheese, but it’s promotion and didn’t cost the club anything. Maybe it’ll drive some business, and it looks professional at the very least to have something that’s not hosted on “Geopages” or whatever. Do they still even exist?

What we’ll probably wind up doing is stripping the walls, measuring, and taping off where walls will go. It’s not the most exciting part, but it has to be done.

In the meantime I’m whoring the House to any outlet and business that will have us or help us. I mean, this project pretty much funds the club and all our community projects for the year. Let’s not lie – I want to ride her for all she’s worth and take everything we can get.

Hopefully we’ll have our best year yet and the club won’t have to worry financially.