If you wait, they will come

Thursday is the big day. Alltel HR people will be here to discuss what, if any, future we have with the company. Everyone seems to have a feeling of nervousness and relief around the office. We’re nervous about what will happen, but relieved that we will know something.

Moving forward, Emily is going to day shift and back to school. She plans on taking the real estate courses and becoming a licensed realtor. It’s something she desperately wants to do, and I think she can definitely excel at it. Change is always nerve-wracking, but I think we’ll come through.

Some bad news – the Jaycees have had to delay the moonlight golf scramble until May. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s only 3 days off. Needless to say I’m scrambling like a madman to get the information out to news outlets and to take out an ad in the paper. I don’t think the public will hold a grudge, but if people show up to nothing, they will probably be a bit honked.