Today was Erich’s first day of Kindergarten and Emily’s first day on days. Yes, I know that was redundant. Erich jumped out of bed when I came in to wake him up and mentioned that it was the first day of school. Altogether we were ready to leave the house by seven. Not bad time for our first day on a new schedule.

Amaya was completely reluctant to get out of bed. I began to think I was going to have to pour water on her to wake her up, but she made it eventually. She protested going to daycare and swore that she needed to go to school as well, but I convinced her to go to daycare instead. Once she was inside everything was cool.

Emily says she’s doing well with her first day on first shift, but I know she’s going to be wiped when she gets home. She has her first night of real estate classes tonight and I know she has to be nervous.

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