The loud thud

Well, the shoe fell, and I’ll be hanging around for awhile. As is common knowledge, most everyone will soon be gone, with the exception of about 10 customer care people. We knew the axe would cleave most jobs, but it was still an emotional time Thursday and Friday. Some cried, some got angry, and most of us just stayed quiet.

Friday was casual day as it has been for some time. I wore sandals and shorts as several other people did. HOWEVER, since I am male this was unacceptable and we can no longer have casual Fridays. Thanks to the recognition by management that this change was caused by my attire and not by everyone else’s, I’m now “the guy who got casual Friday stopped” around the office. It’s truly lovely to be harassed and mocked over this issue. Even though several others were wearing shorts and sandals, it was specifically stated that I was the cause.

Saturday, Josh came over to fix our roof. After making 4 trips to the lumber yard, he was able to hop up there and get everything corrected. It looks very nice where the repairs were made. Unfortunately we will be completely recovering the roof in a couple of weeks. State Farm does not think it is necessary to do this and low-balled us on the repairs, but since there are no obvious damaged places in the roof except the hole that we repaired Saturday, we feel this must be done.

After the roofing repairs I was taking Josh back to his house and he asked if he could replace the bearing in our car that was bad. I wasn’t going to have him do it, but he insisted since he had nothing to do until Miranda got off of work. So we tracked down the part at NAPA and went to his house to switch it out. Beating the old bearing out and setting the new one in only took about 4 hours. Josh figuring out that the caliper bolts were different sizes and putting them in correctly took another four, so I didn’t get home until 8:30 that evening.

Overall it was nice to spend some time with a friend working on the car. Even if we were idiots for not noticing the bolt difference.