Well, I haven’t endured any new catastrophes this week. Yet. Friday will begin construction on the Haunted House. I’m a bit nervous about how everything will come together. As usual we have about 5 people who are fired-up about it and that I would say we can count on, and the rest aren’t so dependable. I do have faith that everything will work out. It always does, but I’d rather not pull it together at the last second.

Work is going pretty well. It will be much better when I’m off next week. I am so ready for some time off. I haven’t had one full week off work in several years. I think I’m due.

Erich’s birthday is Saturday and my parents and sister will be out of town. I’m a little miffed over that. Life goes on I suppose. We got him a Star Wars cake, Superman plates and napkins, and various toys. I don’t know why he has to have mismatched stuff, but it’s his birthday. Whatever makes him happy makes me happy.