City Council – The Petition

This morning I picked up my petition to get on the primary ballot in February. It only takes 25 signatures from registered voters in the city. I could get that in my sleep.

I did find out that there are a few other items to be done when filing the petitions in December, though. Apparently you must file a form with the county that says whether you receive any money or anything else from the city. I understand it, but also think it’s dumb. Heck, our President and other politicians are rich and keep making themselves and friends richer, but the city is worried about me. Stupid, but whatever.

While I’m on a politics trip – How long will Americans keep letting their privacy get eroded? The government now wants to have ISP’s track my internet usage “in case” they need those records “if” I break the law and have to prosecute me.

FYI – According to the Patriot Act II (also known as “Bush does whatever he wants Act”), Any subversive statement about the government, the illegal US prisons operated all over the world and within the US, or anything else the government doesn’t like can be cause for imprisonment just like the “terrorists” at Gitmo. I’m not saying that’s an exact quote, but read it some time, it’s all in there. And you thought you were free and safe.

The politicians pushing this crap are of course saying that it’s “to fight child pornography”, “to stop online predators”, etc.

How long will the public walk along like the sheep they are and let this happen? Isn’t the burden of proof on the state? If they can’t prove their case, can they make businesses keep the evidence on hand “just in case”?

Wake up people. We’re heading down the path to a 1984-esque world and you’re just sitting there enjoying the ride while they say “It’s for the children…” or whatever the mantra is at the moment.